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Edge out the competition!

Select any cloud based CRM... We'll set it up and provide coaching.

  • Increase Sales
  • Reduce Costs
  • Save Time
  • Increase Client Satisfaction
  • Retain More Clients
  • Acquire Market Intelligence
  • Respond to More Business Opportunities

67% of Successful Companies Credit Their CRM as the The Key to Their Success!

Don't miss an opportunity to maintain your competitive advantage. Ensure ongoing success by joining LEADERNET.
LeaderNet Membership Benefits
  • Digital Trends (Discussions and Impact on Business)
  • Demonstrations of Free and Affordable Software
  • Strategic Technical Advice
  • Monthly Meetings
  • 24/7 E-Learning Platform
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Business Intelligence Network

Enjoy higher productivity and maximize revenues.
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Change Management

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    Social Media

  • February
    Project Management

Transform your organization for the digital age

Tech-Savvy Organizations enjoy a higher equity value!

Facilitated Sessions

Choose an interactive workshop or lecture, optionally followed by facilitated online discussions.
Choose from the following topics, or suggest your own.


  • Digital terms and definitions
  • Characteristics of digital data
  • Security and privacy
  • Support plans and warranties

Digital Strategy

  • Resources for decision makers
  • Digital communication tips
  • Popular apps for productivity
  • A closer look at specific apps or tools

Change Management

  • Effective internet research
  • Data visualization hacks
  • Online learning platforms
  • Mobile business strategies

Your roadmap to successful technology adoption!

Additional Technology Adoption Services

A blended learning program for busy business leaders that eases challenges of technology adoption. (learn more...)

A part-time, participatory program that eases organizations into technology adoption. (learn more...)

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Boost Org Value
by 10%*

Transformation Readiness

Revealing Support for Transformation

Measuring digital competencies and sustainability factors to determine success potential and estimate return on a digital technology investment (From $2499)

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Technology Recommendations

Solutions That Match Organizational Needs

Identify a short list factoring performance, scalability, ƒreliability, support, schedule and budget; Deployed locally, SaaS, Rapid App or by Custom App (From $2499)

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Boost Org Value
by 20%*

Inventory of Knowledge Assets

An Inventory of Intellectual Capital

Classifying Explicit, Tribal, Digital and IP Assets and Mechanisms for Innovation and Tech Support. (From $1999)

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Boost Org Value
by 30%*

Grow Intellectual Capital

Increasing the Value of Organizational Assets

Sharing of Empirical/Tacit Knowledge, Resulting in a Resilient, Tech-Savvy Organization. (From $2999)

* Adoption Success Factor | Intellectual Asset Value | On Average | Not Guaranteed

Building capacity for higher productivity and increased efficiencies.

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Device Training

Competence in Operating Apps/Devices

Healthcare, Travel, Productivity, Education, Lifestyle, Fitness, Diet, etc. (From $2999)

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Technology Presentations

Technology Options for Decision Makers

Showcasing a Trend, Device, Application or Service for Efficient Operations. (From $1999)

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Technology Skill Development

Effective and Sustainable Transformation

Workshops, Coaching, e-learning, Formalized Programs, Online Support, etc. (From $4499)

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Project Management

Execute Technologies To Propel Organizations Forward

Capacity Building Through Transformation Planning, Implementation and Execution. (From $2999)

Experienced : System Architects | ICT Leadership | Strategic Communications

30+ Years Experience

Provided leadership to implement a $6M communications strategy to engage Alberta communities • Built an innovative $1.4M collaborative infrastructure/digital portal, supporting Canadian non-profit organizations • Instrumental in early development of Contact North, Ontario’s Distance Education & Training Network • Seeded the community database for Niagara 211 Community Information System • Over 50 back-office solutions for corporate, non-profit and government clients • Installed a Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution and provided training for the HNHB LHIN • Supported activation of the first online portal for the Lifestyle Information Network • Created a Digital Research Centre showcasing Personal, Social, Economic, Environmental CSR • Partnered with Bell Canada for a Pre-Internet Public Communications Portal. Other Clients Include: Inniskillin Wines, HRDC, Public Health Agency of Canada, Industry Canada, Practica Learning, Leisure Information Network, PRO, CD Halton, Ontario Ministry of Education, Ontario Ministry of Attorney General, Association of Canadian Community Colleges, MacEwan University, Cities of Burlington, St. Catharines and London.


Technology Consultants

Toronto, Canada


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